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Tuesday, June 23


Wednesday, June 24


Fast! Perl Bindings With Platypus Hilton Houston NorthGraham Ollis It's the little things: how I improved my command-line and editor experience this year Hilton Houston NorthChris White Modern Approaches to Ancient Perls Hilton Houston NorthBrian Kelly Once more with style: considering whether your project needs a style guide Hilton Houston NorthJohn SJ Anderson Typed Parameters and Dancer2: A Crash Course Hilton Houston NorthJason A. Crome What is Autonomous Testing? Hilton Houston NorthArtem Golubev A Cyber Security Expert’s Guide to Secure Programming Hilton Houston NorthKevin A. McGrail A Date with Perl Hilton Houston NorthDave Rolsky Continuous Integration for Perl with Azure Pipelines Hilton Houston NorthDave Rolsky Creating secure decentralized content management systems on Ethereum blockchain with Raku Hilton Houston NorthKonstantin Narkhov Defining a threat model for the Perl core Hilton Houston NorthJohn Lightsey Doxxing Raku Hilton Houston NorthJuan Julián Merelo Guervó Going International in Raku Hilton Houston NorthMatthew Stephen Stuckwisch Hyper and Gathers and Loops... Oh, my! Hilton Houston NorthSteven Lembark Introduction to Git Hilton Houston NorthStephen Belcher-Saunders Managing the Burnout Burndown Hilton Houston NorthAnjuan Simmons • Aneika Simmons Maximum Overkill: Using Terraform to set up an AWS-hosted website Hilton Houston NorthJohn SJ Anderson Pegex - Writing Parsers and Compilers is Easy Hilton Houston NorthIngy döt Net Performance Concurrency with the Perl Many-Core Engine Hilton Houston NorthNick Tonkin Refactoring and Readability: Crouching Regex, Hidden Structures Hilton Houston NorthBruce Gray Regular Expressions, From the Simple to the Strange Hilton Houston NorthStephen Belcher-Saunders Solving Logical Puzzles with Regular Expressions Hilton Houston NorthAbigail Speed up Perl test suites & intro to Test2::Aggregate Hilton Houston NorthDimitrios Kechagias TestML - Datacentric Testing for Perl, Raku, JavaScript, Python, Go, Bash and on and on... Hilton Houston NorthIngy döt Net The joys and perils of concurrent algorithm design Hilton Houston NorthJuan Julián Merelo Guervó The Maintainers Toolbox Hilton Houston NorthDoug Bell The Test2 Ecosystem Hilton Houston NorthChad Granum This Old Software Hilton Houston NorthMatthew O. Persico Using Moo In Modulinos Hilton Houston NorthJim Bacon Web Dev: Generations Hilton Houston NorthDoug Bell What Programmers Need to Know About the Network Hilton Houston NorthJoelle Maslak When code gets a little (or a lot) crazy Hilton Houston NorthChad Granum Zero to static site generator in four hours, thanks to CPAN Hilton Houston NorthChris White